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About us

Pyotam is bringing the essence of Ayurveda to the water with the Power of Copper and Panch Tulsi. We enhance the Quality, flavor, and consistency of the water with natural ingredients induced with Ayurvedic Herbs. Pyotam's Ayurvedic Alkaline water with PH level of 8.5, TDS of 190 ppm, Mineral Concentrations provides faster detoxification, acid neutralization in the body, helps with weight loss, skin benefits, stronger bones, healthy heart, and many more cooperating qualities. . We are a recognised Startup#51654 by DIPP, Government of India. 

pH 8-9

We Maintain pH in the range of 8-9 and preserve the quality of your beverage.

Mineral Content

We maintain TDS levels of 150-250ppm and water quality as per Indian Standards 10500:2012.

Power of Copper

We are inducing Power of Copper in Water to improve the quality and enhance its taste.

Tulsi Strength

Making Product pleasant and rejuvenating with flavours of Tulsi and  Giloy.

All Products

Pyotam Alkaline Thirst Quencher pH 8.5 | 1L | Box of 12
Pyotam Copper Powered Alkaline Thirst Quencher pH 8.5 | 1L | Box of 12
Pyotam Alkaline Thirst Quencher pH 8.5 | 200 ml | Box of 24
Pyotam Copper Powered Alkaline Thirst Quencher pH 8.5 | 200 ml | Box of 24
Pyotam Panch Tulsi Alkaline Thirst Quencher 8.5 | 1L | Box of 12
Pyotam Panch Tulsi Alkaline Thirst Quencher 8.5 | 1L | Box of 12
Pyotam Panch Tulsi Alkaline Thirst Quencher | 200 ml | Box of 24
Pyotam Panch Tulsi Alkaline Thirst Quencher | 200 ml | Box of 24

Environmental Impact

Zero Wastage of Water

Yeah that's right!!
With our Patented Technology, we have Zero wastage of Water in Manufacturing.

Energy Savings

With our optimised Processes, we are reducing the energy consumption by 50-60% as compared to traditional Methods.

Reduction in CO2 Generation

Our Water and Energy Savings are contributing towards reduction in Carbon footprint.

Incubated at

  • AIC-JKLU, JK Laxhmipat University, Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • NCL, IIT (BHU) Varanasi Incubation Centre


Star Experience

"Loved the Product. Have become the regular user and would definetely recommend!!"
- Gaurang Bhargava

Successful Idea

"Can vouch for the purity of the products. Great quality at reasonable prices!! This is what Market going to need in years to come."
- Avinash Nayak

Advanced Products

"The Water quality and taste is awesome. These are next generation products with multiple benefits. I've recommenced the same to my family."

- Sunith Singh

Unique Quality

"Healthy Product. It actually helped me  solve my acidity problem. Feeling fresh and energetic. "

- Satyanand Tiwari

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is alkaline water different from normal water?

Alkaline water, as the name suggests, has a pH in Alkaline range 8 to 9. Due to the changed food consumption patterns, majorly across the urban areas, junk food & acidic diet has become a trend. This leads to issues like acidity, indigestion, etc.

Consumption of alkaline water at the right time, can help you in your fight against these health problems.

How is it different from other older technology alkaline water brands?

Earlier, the ionization process was used by the industries to make alkaline water which involved the changing of chemical structure of water, disturbing its natural essence. The process we use for rendering alkalinity to the water is purely natural without involving any chemical reactions, hence maintaining the pristine nature of water molecules.

What is the best time to drink it?

Pyotam Water gives you the best results when it is consumed at the right time of the day. Just as you wake up in the morning, You can have Pyotam Wwater, as it will help the body to absorb the nutrients better. You should drink it half an hour before and 2 hours after the meals.

How does it help to rehydrate our body after exercise?

The Pyotam Water has more potential to rehydrate the body faster as compared to regular tap water. Even the research shows that it reduces blood viscosity when consumed after exercise.

How does alkaline water benefits body?

The benefits associated with Pyotam water are many. It acts as a liver detoxification agent. This in turn, helps in better functioning of the other organs like heart & kidney. Other benefits associated with it are better digestion, regulation of body weight, etc. It also has an anti-oxidant nature which shows anti-aging behavior.

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